Round Table Pizza Prunedale Reviews

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Round Table Pizza Prunedale Reviews – This place is amazing. Great cuts of meat, a large selection of marinated chicken, beef, and pork. They also sell the amazing Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smokers and a variety of their pellets, parts, and accessories. They are listed on GMGs site as an authorized reseller. Combine the great smoker and great meats and you have yourself a recipe for success.

Round Table Pizza Prunedale Reviews

BTW, the service there is excellent. We just looking around at first and at least three people asked if they could assist us in any way. I thought that kind of service died with the good old fashioned butcher. Just got to heaven on earth! This place is amazing! The outer portion of the building looks like a barn and when you walk in the handles on the door are old meat cleavers! As I walked in they were busy with a lunch rush for the deli but my mission was the meat counter. They have a huge selection of smoked sausage and marinated meat I had to a hard time choosing what to get! Luckily the friendly fellow behind the counter explained all the different types and tastes to choose from. I settled on Fiesta cheddar sausage and wine and spice marinated chicken, my Husband is going to be super stoked!

Great place for a family dinner, I ordered a combination pizza and they made it right in time. The staff was super friendly, and the pizza was delicious

I was quite impressed with their friendly customer service and quickness in replenishing the pizzas. Highly recommended place for your lunch…

Staff: extremely friendly and knowledgeable, I will get a sandwich next time I come because I overheard people eating their lunch and raving about it when I walked in. Definitely A+ help in my book!


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